Ongoing research projects

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    Logics with generalized counting quantifiers
    for data-aware processes and database systems

    Principal Investigator in Diamond Grant DI2017 006447.

    Project webpage: [not yet]

    The main goal of the project is to develop decision procedures and to study theoretical properties of logics extended with generalized counting quantifiers. Such quantifiers will formalize a numerous constructs from natural language e.g. "at most", "an even number", "every five of", "at least" or "less than 70%".
    We will study satisfiability problem for logics on arbitrary structures as well as on data trees and words. We will also take a look at conjunctive query answering problem, where such quantifiers can be used to describe a potential knowledge base.

Past projects

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    A quest for new computer logics

    Researcher in NCN 2016/21/B/ST6/01444 grant.

    Project webpage: link [pl], Project description: link [pl]

    During my employment in the project, I studied query languages to process XML documents, augmented with counting quantifiers. To be more precise, I studied the satisfiability problem for Two-Variable Fragment of First-Order Logic with various ways of counting interpreted on finite trees. I successfully produced three research papers, which were presented at ESSLLI 2017, CSL 2017 and FSTTCS 2017.